Rock Cats Rescue

The Amazing Acro-Cats was founded in 2006 by Samantha Martin and the feline star of the show, Tuna. Samantha quickly realized the benefits of clicker training and wanted to share her experience with the public. She began educating and entertaining cat lovers in Art Galleries and other small venues around Chicago. Over the next few years, Samantha continued to rescue cats and incorporate them into the show, which began touring nationally in almost all 48 states. Today, the Amazing Acro-Cats supports the mission of Rock Cats Rescue by promoting animal welfare, educating audiences on feline foster and rescue, and demonstrating the benefits of clicker training. The show continues to travel across the nation with its talented troupe of rescued house cats, along with foster cats and kittens available for adoption.


Our Tour Schedule

  • APR 04 - APR 05

    Rock Cats Rescue Presents: Party with The Amazing Acro-cats!
    Mixdeity MEDIA Studios at Grant Park Manor
    575 Boulevard SE Atlanta, GA 30312
  • MAY 19 - MAY 24

    The Amazing Acro-cats Bounce into Baltimore!
    Creative Alliance
    3134 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224
  • AUG 13 - AUG 23

    The Amazing Acro-cats Pounce on Portland!
    St. Lawrence Arts Center
    76 Congress Portland, ME 04101


Volunteer with us!

If you would like to volunteer with us please contact